Interactive Brokersの各種規制を研究




IBでは、じつは必要証拠金維持率(Current Maintenance Margin)がゼロになってもすぐにはロスカットされないらしい。-10%くらいまでは許容範囲として自主的にロスカットしてプラスに戻せ。という良心的なオペレーションをやっているのだが、マーケットが荒れているときはこれが-5%に減るよ。という話。



Our trade desk can offer you instant access to live traders with no phone queue or hold time, and will work your stock, ETF, options, and corporate bond orders. This service is available for order sizes of at least 100 option contracts, 10,000 shares or 100k face value corporate bonds, and our trade desk is staffed by former market makers each of whom have over 15 years trading experience. For SPX traders, we can provide pre-trade quotes and can use our stable of liquidity providers to help maximize your execution in the options markets.



IBKR FYI: Important information about Market Orders
Dear Client,

We noticed that you have submitted Market Orders in the last month in your account(s) XXX. Please see important information below regarding this order type.

Please note that a Market Order is an instruction to trade your order at any price available in the market, subject to any additional instructions for handling/simulating the particular order type you specified and other order conditions you specify when submitting your order. A Market Order is not guaranteed a specific trade price and may trade at an undesirable price. If you would like greater control over the trade prices you receive, please submit your order using a Limit Order, which is an instruction to place your order at or better than the specified limit price, or submit an algorithmic Market Order (IBALGO).